About Us - Live Your Life Gear

Live Your Life Gear brings you athletic/ leisure wear and accessories. You’ll find leggings, capris, bra tops, shorts, harem pants, hoodies and other relaxed fits with fantastic prints and comfortable fabrics. I also stock a variety of yoga mats, meditation cushions, malas, bracelets, headbands and more.
What makes us different? ...
We are NOT your typical website run by a building full of people and multiple warehouses. You are looking at the entire company. I am Karla, owner/CEO/ CFO (basically the head of every department). I am your buyer- I hand pick every item from my favorite companies. I am receiving- I open every shipment, inspect and check in. I am product manager- I tag, price and hang the items for the Namaste Bus. I am merchandising- I manage to display every item in the bus. I am data entry- I add every item to the website with pictures and a description. I am customer service- I answer every email and phone call as quickly as I can. I am the shipping department- I pack and ship every order and handwrite a “thank you” on every packing list. I am marketing- I send out emails, and do my best to keep up with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I’m events coordinator- I search for yoga events, submit applications and liability insurance, negotiate vending terms and pay booth fees. I am booth coordinator- I organize set up and break down at every event. I am sales- you will find me at every event selling from beginning to end. 
Here comes the “fun” part...
I bring my website to life by taking it on the road in my mobile boutique the Namaste Bus. It’s a huge pink/purple van that is a lot of fun and attracts a lot of attention! I travel to yoga festivals, studios and other events all over the Northeast. I grab some traveling companions and hit the road all year round. It’s not all fun and games though. We’ve camped for 4 days in the pouring rain, been evacuated 5 times (at one festival), multiple tents destroyed by high winds/micro-bursts, slept in 35 degree weather, melted in 95+ degree days, driven in snow storms and hail, worked 18 hours a day 4 days in a row... I could write a book!
Why do I continue ...
I meet high-vibrational amazing souls at these events. Normally I don’t find Shamans and medicine women at the local Walmart. There are so many healers in every modality who have so much to offer. I look forward to seeing the same faces year after year, some have become real friends. Just when I think an event can’t possibly be topped, another one even better comes along. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful places I’ve visited, the scenery along the way, the music I’ve danced to, the yoga that grounds me, the trees I’ve talked to (and hugged) and the beautiful souls that I am blessed to have met.
So if your order isn’t sent out the day you place it... please be patient. I’ll ship as soon as I return home. I do my best, which is all I can do. Follow the Namaste Bus tour on Facebook to see where I’ll be next. Please live your life and get to a festival and be sure to come say hi.
Most importantly, I am a Mom, trying to do it all while keeping a balanced work/home life.  I am blessed to have many friends who have helped me over the years.  I am truly grateful for all of them helping when they can, allowing me more time with my daughter.
Live Your Life Gear hopes to inspire others to embrace life.  Do more of what you love and live in the moment.  Learn mindfulness through yoga and meditation. Be grateful, be happy and laugh often.  Love everyone and everything around you as we are all connected.  Spend more time in nature, love the earth.  Love Yourself.
Namaste beautiful ones...
Owner, Live Your Life Gear