Apocalpse Legging- Black (Bamboo & Organic Cotton)

$ 79.00

Apocalypse Leggings

Leggings for the end times in organic cotton and thicker bamboo terry. Our signature holster style seams across the thighs, high-waisted, knee pads for when you have to crawl through the rubble of society, holster for your light saber, and zippered pocket. The last pair of leggings you will ever need.

Why we love bamboo??? 

1.  Super soft and comfy

2.  Natural anti-microbial properties keep odors at bay. 

3.  Thermal regulating properties keep you more comfortable in hot or cold weather.

4.  Easily renewable resource

Fabric:  67% Bamboo 28%, Organic Cotton, 5% Jersey Spandex

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