Third Eye Tapestry- "Athene Artmesia" by Mugwort

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Athene Artmesia by Mugwort

Athene or Athena is a Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration and the arts. Artemis is the goddess of the wild lands, reminding us of our animal origins, and of our hunters instincts. Together they can help us see and remember our true natures and bring them forward into this new technological dawn.

Third Eye Tapestries are premium high quality tapestries.  Furthermore, for every tapestry ordered, a minimum of 30%-of-profits goes directly back into the artist's pocket -- helping to fund future creative expression, and allowing artists to focus on what they do best: Making Art!

Also, every tapestry sold directly by Third Eye funds their ongoing partnership with "Artists Striving to End Poverty" (ASTEP) -- transforming the lives of underserved children around the world through the power of the arts.

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