Why Ayurveda chooses ghee over butter

Karla McGuire

Posted on October 25 2018

I made my first batch of ghee.  It was actually quite easy and saved me some money vs buying at the health food store.  What is ghee and why should you use it?  Ghee is clarified butter, meaning all of the solids are removed.  This makes it easy to digest, even for the lactose intolerant individual.   It's considered one of the most beneficial cooking mediums in Ayurveda.  It's amazing because the ghee is able to penetrate the deep tissue layers of your body.  Therefore, you benefit from all the medicinal qualities of the herbs that are tempered into the ghee.  Herbs not only provide flavor, but the heal the body as well.  When stored properly, ghee can last 100 years and only gets better as it ages so make a big batch!  To keep it sanitary, always use a clean/ dry spoon to scoop out your ghee.  You don't want water or anything else to get in there to form bacteria.  

You can use ghee in many ways.  I put a dab in my morning coffee, it's good to start the day with a bit of fat.  I also add to my morning oatmeal for better movement through my system.  I now use ghee instead of most cooking oils.  When cooking with herbs, temper them into the ghee first, then add that mixture to your recipes.  You can bake with ghee as well, but that ratio is different, don't use 1 to 1.  Check online for proper ratios.  So what are you waiting for?  Go buy the highest quality organic butter you can find.  Cook it slowly over medium heat until melted, then turn down to low.  Continue cooking until the solids have separated and fallen to the bottom.  Once the solids turn golden brown, remove from heat.  Do not burn, or you'll have to start over.  Cool for about 15 minutes or until just warm.  Strain into a sterilized glass jar using cheesecloth or a fine mesh sieve.  Keeps for 1 month on the counter, for longer storage refrigeration is recommended.  


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