Why Choose Organic?

Erica Patterson

Posted on May 16 2017

If you've ever walked through the doors of a grocery store, the word organic should definitely ring a bell. 

Where did the organic movement start and why is it a healthy choice? 
In it's simplest form, choosing organic products is a smart choice for your health. Choosing organic doesn't just keep chemicals out of our bodies, it also makes a big difference for the environment as it reduces the pollutants necessary for large scale agricultural production.

Wait a second, healthy produce isn't healthy?!

Well no, many of our produce options in the grocery store contain trace amounts of pesticides and growth chemicals. Are strawberries really supposed to be the size of a baseball? Of course not! Choosing organic helps keep these pesticides out of our bodies and keeps our healthy options as pure as possible. 

We've got the top five reasons you should make the switch to organic, some of which might just surprise you. 

1. Eating chemicals.

Commercially grown food is simply laden with chemicals. Over 600 different chemicals and pesticides are registered and allowed for commercial farming and these all find their way into our foods after being heavily saturated into the water, air and soil for more years than we can count. On average, our chemical consumption equates to an alarming 16 pounds per person per year. Sounds tasty right?

2. More nutrients. 

When farming organic, the soils are enriched in sustainable and healthy ways to avoid pesticide use. This healthy soil treatment means stronger plant nutrients and healthier produce on your plate. Organic foods boast 21.1% more iron27% more vitamin C,  29.3% more magnesium, and 13.6% more phosphorus just to name a few. 

3.Avoid GMO's

You might hear a lot about GMO's but what are they? GMO's mean genetically modified organisms, otherwise known as lab created produce. Yikes! These foods don't have to be labeled in America, offering more opportunity for the food we eat to slip between the cracks and avoid big safety regulations in the United States that are designed to keep us safe. To be labeled organic, these foods can't be genetically modified in any way. 

4. Preserve our ecosystems. 

Commerical farming pollution is not exclusively affecting the greater environment, smaller ecosystems are dramatically injured by these processes. With organic farming, the care taken to preserve nutrients in the soil and the reduction of pesticides help small ecosystems of wildlife like frogs, insects, birds and soil organisms thrive naturally. 

5. Promote agricultural diversity. 

With commercial farming, some varieties of produce become less available and become harder to restore. Big farms typically grow one or two types or variations of produce on their farms, while organic farms rely on crop rotation to keep the soil rich and the crops thriving. Choosing organic helps promote diverse plant species and variations available to consumers, which means vibrant, healthy and nutritious meal options. 

Choosing organic is easier than you think and it makes a big impact for our bodies, the environment and the economy of smaller and responsible farms. 

Next time you're shopping for your week's fruits and veggies, take a look at some of the organic options available. Taking the initiative to choose organic makes a big difference in the staples that keep us feeling our best and meeting our health and wellness goals. 



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