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  • Healing Power of Nature

    Erica Patterson

    Posted on May 09 2017

    Healing Power of Nature
    Healing energy can manifest in different ways.  Physical, emotional and spiritual hea...
  • Healing Herbal Tea

    Erica Patterson

    Posted on April 25 2017

    Healing Herbal Tea
    Herbal teas pack a powerful punch.  It's no mistake that herbal teas are a go-to for ...
  • Earth Day

    Erica Patterson

    Posted on April 20 2017

    Earth Day
    Earth Day is an annual celebration of nature's beauty and a call to the activism and c...
  • Benefits of Hot Yoga

    Erica Patterson

    Posted on March 21 2017

    Benefits of Hot Yoga
    Yoga is the ultimate exercise to strengthen your core, improve your circulation and so...
  • Mala Beads for Meditation

    Erica Patterson

    Posted on February 23 2017

    Mala Beads for Meditation
    Meditation is a state of mind, but having the right resources can elevate your experie...