Self Love

Erica Patterson

Posted on March 06 2017

Self love is one of the most underutilized forms of meditation. 

Focusing your attention on your mental and physical well being goes beyond your yoga routine and should find it's way into your schedule each day. Self care holds different meanings to everyone and customizing your experience is a beautiful first step to living a more balanced and healthy life. 
If you put self care on the back burner, stress and anxiety has more opportunity to sneak up on you. Start radiating positivity by incorporating more self care into your day.

Starting a Self Care Routine

Self care is something that fuels and rejuvenates us, not something that feels like a chore to do every day. Stick to the basics and don't get caught up on putting strict schedules or regimens into place. Self care is a commitment that you make to yourself that reminds you how important your mind, body, soul and time is. 

Make a List of No

Before you go ahead and incorporate things that make you feel good, take an opportunity to focus on what makes you feel unhappy or stressed. This list can incorporate things like don't check your emails before bed or don't break plans with one person for another. Anything that consciously makes you feel discouraged or down belongs on this list. Making a no list can help you focus your attention on what matters most to you. 

Physical Health

Keep your physical health on track by focusing on behaviors that help your body feel nourished and refreshed. Exercise routines, healthy eating habits and regular checkups with your doctor are some of the biggest ways we can be more in tune with our bodies and improve our health. Usually, if we are making healthier choices we have more confidence, feel stronger and more empowered to nurture our mental and emotional health with the same energy. 

Balance Relaxation and Fun

You really do only live once, so you should live your life. Spend some time every day devoting time to relaxing and recharging your batteries through meditation or anything that soothes your restless mind. As important as it is to relax, it's also important to treat yourself to fun and social experiences. Meeting friends at the movies, traveling or visiting an event will actually energize you and nourish the idea that it's worth your time to live a little and explore. Make the commitment to yourself that you'll only participate in events that truly make you feel better or happy with people that bring you up. 

Above all, challenge yourself to a new way of thinking.

Setting goals is always a good place to kick start a new routine and self care is no different. Write out a month's worth of ways you can focus on self care and body positivity, and challenge yourself to see it through. Step out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to do what's best for you instead of worrying about everyone else.

You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish if you put yourself first.


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