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The Unbelievable Health Benefits of Bean Spouts

Erica Patterson

Posted on May 30 2017

Sprouts are like healthy little powerhouses!

Who would have thought that so many nutrients can be packed into such a tiny sprout? 
Sprouts are actually the young, delicate growth of a bean or vegetable plant. These little guys pack a powerful punch to dishes and since they require no preparation, they can be added as a topping to dishes for some incredible health benefits. 

The most common sprouts are alfalfa, soy bean and mung bean sprouts although many other beans can produce some healthy and delicious sprouts too. 

About a week after sprouting, these little sprouts and seedlings have the highest concentration of nutrients and bio-availability of nutrients. Since the plant growth is so young, it requires more nutrition to grow big and strong. This puts more nutrients on your plate and access to health benefits that can keep your nutrition plan right on track.
Caps of bean sprouts are filled with important organic compounds, vitamins, and minerals that our body needs. With an impressive list of health benefits, these baby sprouts are one of the most overlooked healthy ingredients you can find. 

Nutritional Value 

High in energizing protein and fiber, sprouts are rich in vitamin K, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin, vitamin C, vitamin A, and riboflavin. They're unsusually high in enzymes and most of it's nutritional value increases as it grows in this infant plant phase. Eating these little sprouts right away or within 2 weeks of harvesting/purchasing keeps them as healthy as can be. 

Health Benefits of Sprouts


Healthy digestive system function relies on enzymes that help us break down our food properly. Sprouts are rich in these enzymes and it allows our body to digest food easier and absorb more nutrients. Sprouts are also rich in fiber to help move your system along and alleviate tummy troubles like constipation and irregularity. 


This enzyme rich super food jump starts your metabolism and gives you a hearty amount of protein. Protein is essential for almost all bodily functions including creation and maintenance of cells, organ repair, skin regeneration, bone growth, and muscle development. Improving your body's functions helps stimulate your metabolism. 

Heart Health 

Sprouts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which make for a good form of cholesterol. The fatty acids in sprouts can help clean your arteries and reduce the stress of your blood vessels. More oxygen is working through your system and refreshing your body from head to toe. They're a yummy way to reduce the risks for heart attacks. 

Sprouts may be small but they pack a powerful punch!

Who would have thought that these tiny sprouts could be so incredibly healthy? If you're looking for ways to incorporate new super foods into your diet, adding some raw sprouts can add some awesome health benefits to simple and sustainable meals. 


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