Mala Beads for Meditation

Posted on February 23 2017

Meditation is a state of mind, but having the right resources can elevate your experience. 

Mala Beads are strands of gemstone beads that help assist you through a meditative mantra. The strands have 108 gemstones and a guru bead that is made of a differently textured material. 
As you relax your body, you recite your mantra as you pass over and count each of the 108 beads with your thumb. When you reach the guru bead, you reverse the direction and travel around again. This process can be continued as many times as you desire.
The number 108 has spiritual significance in Hindu and Buddhist culture. The number one symbolizes God, the universe or your highest truth. The zero stands for emptiness or humility and the 8 represents infinity and timelessness in your devotion. 
The Mala beads end up representing the spiritual journey and devotion for yoga practitioners. These strands of beads can take on different meanings that are unique to the experience of the individual, even if their origins remain the same. 

Not all Mala beads are created equal.

These beads are also made in shorter strands of 27 or 21 beads, for shorter meditation or to take a time out to meditate throughout the day. Malas are traditionally made from natural materials like bone and seed pods, while others are made of gemstones to combine the mantra process with the healing properties of gems. 
You can also choose your Malas based on your yoga preferences and skill level. If you need to feel more grounded on the mat, try using agate Mala beads that are known for it's grounding properties. If you are focusing on chakra balancing, selecting a specific color Mala can encourage and improve your chakra exercises. 

Choose Malas that feel right for you, after all you're the one that will be using them. 

If you're having difficulty focusing during meditation, Mala beads can be really helpful and keep your mind from wandering or feeling distracted. Some people even use these beads to alleviate and calm anxiety, hyperactivity and other mood disorders. 

Our Mala Beads are handmade in Bali and it's creating real change.

The workforce that makes our Mala beads in Bali is primarily women, that are earning living wages and benefits as women in an area that many women work underpaid for long hours. When we source our Mala beads from this area, we are able to stimulate a local economy and keep family traditions of Mala bead making alive and strong.  
These beads are authentic and responsibly sourced and we are proud to offer them on our website for individuals looking to explore the Mala traditions. 
If you're ready to take your yoga and meditation routine to the next level, why not give Malas a try? Customize your meditation and relaxation experience with a beautiful set of authentic Mala beads that match your wellness goals and personality. 

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