Healing Power of Nature

Erica Patterson

Posted on May 09 2017

Healing energy can manifest in different ways. 

Physical, emotional and spiritual healing is an important part of caring for our everyday health and well-being. This rejuvenation is a natural process we undergo and often we look past the healing properties of the natural landscape around us for this relief and turn to medications and other remedies that just mask the problems rather than repair them.
Spending time in the fresh air and reconnecting with out natural surroundings is, in essence, good for the mind, body and soul. Eco-therapy is very real and it can deliver some incredible benefits that are the perfect blend of free and all-natural. 

Our Relationship With Nature

When we become isolated from the great outdoors, our bodies feel the distance.
We become sluggish, fatigued, tired and restless, making it difficult to focus at work or relax after a long day. Humans have a natural affinity for nature. That's why a cool, crisp sunny day makes us feel so happy and refreshed while a cold or rainy afternoon makes us feel stressed or even depressed. 

Why do you think that summertime is associated with paradise, fun or relaxation? All that fresh air and sunshine does our body good. 

Too much time spent indoors increases our body's cortisol levels, making us feel stressed and overwhelmed, while some regular time in the sun and fresh air can increase our oxytocin levels. Maintaining a healthy balance means keeping our relationship with nature nourished on a regular basis. 

Benefits of Eco-Therapy

Even patients in hospitals and other treatment facilities benefit from regular Eco-therapy sessions. Meditating or relaxing to sights and sounds of nature can help us feel reconnected and shorten the distance between us and the natural landscape. 
Emotionally, Eco-therapy helps us manage anxiety and depression in a gentle and encouraging way. This is a good alternative for people who are looking for natural alternatives for anxiety or those who just aren't feeling like themselves.
When engaging in physical activity outdoors, many people experience improvements in their cardiovascular health, metabolism and their overall physical well-being. 

Taking charge of your physical and emotional wellness is literally in your own backyard.

Incorporating time spent outdoors or embracing nature throughout your busy week can actually leave you feeling refreshed, energized and physically healthier. A healthy relationship with nature is what our bodies crave, so answer the call to help you live the happiest and healthiest life you can. 


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