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Healing Herbal Tea

Erica Patterson

Posted on April 25 2017

Herbal teas pack a powerful punch. 

It's no mistake that herbal teas are a go-to for anyone looking for some balance. Herbal tea blends target specific problem areas in your physical or emotional health, giving you the boost you need to meet your health goals. 
Teas have incredible health benefits and incorporating an herbal tea into your daily routine can keep your healthy lifestyle on track or improve some of the negative symptoms of stress, irregularity, sleeplessness and more. 

We put together a quick guide to our favorite herbal teas and how they can fit seamlessly into your daily wellness routine. 


This deliciously floral tea is great for winding down and kicking a stressful day to the curb. Chamomile is an anti inflammatory, and gently aids digestion. A cup of warm chamomile tea can ease an upset stomach or symptoms associated with colitis. Chamomile boosts your mood and helps the mind relax, improving melatonin production, helping you get more restful sleep. You can even grow and dry your own chamomile safely at home.

Ginger Tea

Ginger is incredible for upset stomachs, nausea or motion sickness. This herbal blend can also give your immune system a boost when fighting off a cold or cleansing the body from free radicals. Ginger reduces swelling and relieves achy joints, muscles or even some side effects of arthritis. This muscle relief is also helpful for those achy days of menstrual cramps and discomfort. 

Passion Flower 

Anxiety can dramatically impact both your physical and emotional life. Passion flower extracts and herbal tea can help alleviate anxiety and stress, helping you sleep soundly or get through a difficult afternoon at work. This little flower is so powerful for boosting mood and eliminating anxiety that it's effects were compared to pharmaceutical antidepressant medications in a clinical study. This study found that passion flower provided the same benefits as prescribed Serax and Clonodine for anxiety.  


There's a good reason that echinacea is often found in natural cough drops or cold elixirs. If you feel allergies or a cold coming on, sipping some echinacea tea boosts the immune system and reduces the duration of the common cold. This herb clears infections throughout the body and clears congestion, helps with breakouts and even urinary tract infections. It's a great herbal tea to keep you feeling refreshed. 


The first step in any good detox routine is promoting healthy liver and kidney function. These organs promote healthy filtration of the blood and improve the way your body expels wastes and harmful chemicals. Dandelion improves liver and kidney health as well as healthy digestion. Dandelion herbal tea is often used as a tool for healthy detox regimens and weight loss journeys. 

Herbal teas offer a great defense against free radicals while naturally improving the way our bodies function. 

Sip on different herbal tea blends to keep you feeling your best each day alongside your diet, exercise and self care routine. 

Cheers to good health! 


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