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February Means Love; Balancing Your Heart Chakra

Erica Patterson

Posted on February 20 2017

February is the month of love!

It can be difficult to refocus your attention away from superficial or commercial symbols of love and affection and turn toward more meaningful ways to spread love. In a world that is so often encompassed by hateful actions, this month's focus on love is a joyful reminder to love ourselves, our communities and spread positivity. 
Love is a powerful emotion and as practitioners of yoga and meditation, we are fortunate to have the tools to awaken and understand these incredibly uplifting and positive emotions within ourselves. When your heart chakra is open, you feel energized, can effectively banish negativity and be more compassionate with others.
Start your month of love with some self care. Open your heart chakra, Anahata, to celebrate this month of love, giving yourself the ability to spread positive energy with others and practice the art of forgiveness. 

These self care strategies will give you the boost you need to feel more balanced and have a February full of love to radiate. 

Morning Meditation

The way you start your morning will set the tone for the rest of your day. Wake up and greet the sun each day with a meditation session and some gentle yoga. While you meditate this month, focus on your heart chakra. Breathe deeply from your core and think of everything positive in your life that nurtures you spiritually and emotionally. Morning meditation is a strong foundation that will uplift you each day and encourage even more self care into your routine. 

Be Open With Your Emotions

Completely opening your heart chakra will require yourself to be open with your emotions to yourself and others. Whatever methods allow you to feel completely open and honest should find their way into your daily routine. Some people like choosing a nightly journal entry, listening to music or painting. The goal is to expose all of your negative emotions to get them out and replace them with positive ones.


Forgiveness is a learned skill. To be completely in tune with your heart's chakra and energy, you'll need to open a wavelength of forgiveness. Take the opportunity to welcome forgiveness or open the door to resolving old emotional injuries. Take it upon yourself to forgive others and welcome them to how you're feeling more positive, inviting them to focus their energy the same way. 

Harness the Power of Scent and Color

If your heart chakra is in need of a tune up, there are certain colors and scents that can encourage some much needed cleansing. Jasmine is associated with the heart chakra, so warm up with some relaxing jasmine tea or put on some jasmine essential oil. Embracing the color green can also keep you feeling refreshed in the self love department. Surround yourself with shades of green, as it balances the vibrations of the nervous system. Pink stones can also be helpful in balancing your Anahata, because they welcome warmth, love and affection.  

 A few self care strategies will help you open up your spiritual wavelength and welcome more love this February. 

Instead of celebrating love exclusively on Valentine's Day, why not make the entire month of February about spreading love and eliminating negativity in the different relationships in your life?


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