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Energizing Green Tea

Erica Patterson

Posted on February 20 2017

It's Valentine's Day this week, and green is balancing our heart chakra!

Green tea that is.
The green that has been giving us life lately is the almighty green tea. Matcha is green tea in perhaps it's most authentic and ceremonial forms. 
Imperial or fine grade green tea is grown in the shade to slow growth and create a richer shade of green. The darker tea leaves contain more amino acids, making the finished product naturally sweeter. These leaves are picked by hand to not damage or bruise them. 
Once picked, the leaves are carefully laid out to dry, where they become tencha. The tencha is de-veined, de-stemmed and stone ground into an ultra fine power. This powder is known at Matcha and used in tea ceremonies and other traditional rituals in various countries. 

 Health Benefits

Since matcha allows you to consume the whole tea leaf, you are able to harness more powerful health benefits than traditionally consumed teas. Aside being rich in antioxidants and fiber, matcha boosts metabolism, reduces blood sugar and high cholesterol, and improves concentration. A small amount of matcha can naturally refresh and detoxify your body throughout the day. 

Energy Supplement

With all those antioxidants, matcha provides a welcome boost of energy without the jitters or crash of coffee. It's a welcome swap for anyone taking on a healthier lifestyle or needing a morning pick-me-up while weaning themselves off coffee. 
We start our day with a homemade matcha latte made with cashew milk, a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom and haven't looked back. You can add some matcha into smoothies, blend into frappes, or sprinkle some onto your breakfast. 

We give this green super food two thumbs up for their detoxes, diet cleanses and healthier lifestyles in the new year. 


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