Earth Day

Erica Patterson

Posted on April 20 2017

Earth Day is an annual celebration of nature's beauty and a call to the activism and conservationism that strives to protect it. 

Making small lifestyle changes every day can help make a positive impact on the planet and the consequences of our consumer culture. One person can only make a small change, while gathering together can create a bigger and even more profound change.
We can each reduce our own carbon footprint.  
Our planet is injured and we need to react to help improve the integrity of our natural resources and the quality of our relationship with the earth. 


Do you drive to work when you could ride a bike? Choosing to walk or ride your bike to work can dramatically reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. When you walk or bike, you're saving almost 1 pound of pollution per mile you travel. If everyone in New York State rides a bike or walks one mile out of their commute, it saves over 19 million pounds of pollution in only one day. Imagine what yo could do in a month or even a year?

Conserve Water

Are you guilty of running the water while you brush your teeth? Turning off the faucet while you brush your teeth saves on average 5 gallons of water each day. If New Yorkers turn off the faucet today, we could save an incredible amount of water. Enough water to fill about 116 Olympic sized swimming pools to be exact. We are wasting more clean water in about 10 minutes each day than many communities have access to for the week, month or even longer. This is a simple solution that really adds up.

Choose to Reuse 

Using reusable water bottles makes more of a difference than you think. Most people find that they drink more water when they carry a reusable bottle and waste less water. The production of disposable water bottles uses 1.5 gallons of oil each year, and most of these bottles are thrown carelessly into landfills. Not only are you dramatically reducing the amount of waste in the environment, you're spending over $150 per year not purchasing packs of bottled water when you're bottling your own. 

Sustainable Clothing

The modern age is consumer driven. With the production of clothing and other goods it requires a massive amount of fuel, materials and also creates an incredible amount of waste. Our Teeki line is setting out to reduce this problem by using recycled plastic from water bottles to create a flexible, comfortable and durable fabric that is also sustainable. Clothing made from recycled materials doesn't have to compromise comfort or style and the Teeki line allows your individuality and environmental mindfulness shine bright. 

On April 22nd, Earth Day is a celebration of the incredible wonders of our planet but also a serious message that calls us to action.

They might be small, but these changes you can make every day contribute to the larger effort to leave the planet healthier and stronger than when we found it. 
Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place.


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