Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Erica Patterson

Posted on March 21 2017

If you could bottle the energy in kids, the world would definitely be a happier place. 

Kids are constantly growing and these growth spurts can even be uncomfortable for some, making yoga a great option for the energetic and growing kids in your life. 
Yoga routines can help balance energy, and improve circulation to achy and growing joints. Yoga can also nourish children emotionally and encourage healthy stress management practices and habits that will continue to help them effectively manage emotions as adults.
Adults aren't the only ones who need a little soul searching every day, kids can get stressed out too like we do at work or in certain relationships. Yoga can help kids develop meditation strategies, helping them self soothe and feel refreshed after a long day. 
Children who make yoga part of their daily routine are typically more confident, with some important cornerstone values that parents can appreciate. Yoga teaches children gentle self discipline, self discovery, compassion and even health consciousness. 
As kids grow, there's more opportunity for get off track with a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly can keep families making healthier choices. 
Some kids have difficulty focusing or acclimating to a school environment, causing some tension and stress in their personal life. Yoga can even help some kids with attention deficit disorder concentrate more effectively in school. 
Occupational therapists have turned to yoga in the past for children suffering from behavioral disorders, neurological injuries and even social insecurities.Yoga poses for kids are low impact stretches and can be practiced anywhere, even soaking up sunshine and fresh air outside. 
Certain yoga positions can help children become more aware of their bodies, balance and improved physical strength. Kids that exercise are usually sick less often and yoga is an exercise that's actually fun to jump into every day. Yoga isn't competitive and while some kids take well to sports, team building doesn't have to be about winning or losing. 

Whether your kids are using yoga to focus and relax or stretch and exercise, it's a great habit to begin. 


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